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Network marketing company

Posted by admin on Feb-3-2011

Network marketing company

Wellness Concept is founded on the “Green Revolution” aspirations by Dr Yoshide Hagiwara, the creator of Barley Green. By adopting the concept of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), which is fundamentally about organic, health, and environmental, Wellness Concept’s organic food and health care product are eco-friendly and hence do not harm the environment.

Wellness Concept’s three essential guiding elements are: organic, eco-friendly and development of green industries. We focus on providing green organic products of the highest quality such as liver detox and colon detox, while leading our consumers and business partners in the protection of the environment, the ever critical component in our lives.


Wellness Concept’s commitment and mission to promote Good Health & True Wealth fulfils the fundamental needs of members and business partners alike.

By participating in Wellness Concept’s “Prosumer Program”, our members will be able to grasp the win-win philosophy of good health, wealth sharing and eco-balance. We have also moulded a sustainable business model that centres on the concept of wealth sharing for our network marketing business partners to own your own business.

Embrace a safer and healthier lifestyle. Welcome to Mother Nature’s way – free of chemicals, harmless to the environment, truly eco-friendly.
Produce grown the organic way is sustainable, products made the organic way are safe. No harmful chemicals or additives.

Higher quality organic food, healthier products. You have Good Health, True Wealth; brought to you by Wellness Concept, the green company.

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